Product manager


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Role summary:

Responsible for the promotion of BBES and breast health management service, eg. conducting market research; estimating demand and identifying potential customers; generating product requirements; determining specifications, production timetables, pricing, and product launch plan

Essential responsibilities:

1.  Providing leadership in market analysis and assisting sales director in development/execution of strategies and action plans to promote BBES and breast health management service.

2.  Maintain a high level of product knowledge on BBES, and provide training to stakeholders; Brings new products to market by analyzing proposed product requirements and product development programs; preparing return-on-investment analyses; establishing time schedules with engineering and manufacturing.

3. Participating R&D plan of new product and service, eg. appraising new product ideas, evaluating efficiency;Based on product driven timetable, ensuring the product launching plan by working with cross functional teams, including R&D, regulatory affair, manufacturing staff.


1.  Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 5 years of experience in a medical, healthcare industry. e.g. clinical health, biomedical engineering, medical physics.

2. Excel at office software with data analyzing capability; The ideal candidate is highly organized, self-motivated, Capability of learning new things in English is preferred.

3.  Ability to energize, develop and build rapport at all levels within an organization, and Ability to interface with both internal team members and external customers as part of solutions based sales approach;Strong communication and clear thinking skills with the ability to synthesize complex issues into simple messages.

4.  Global operation, with diverse workplace culture. International and Local travelling depends on work

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