Diagnosing and Monitoring


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As more and more people are aware of the importance of the cancer early detection, health centers affiliated to many hospitals received massive turnout of women for breast cancer screening at their own cost in a hope of better follow-up diagnostic and treatment service in prestigious hospital.

Most of lumps found by BBES will go to a follow-up imaging modalities, such as diagnostic mammogram, breast ultrasound, breast MRI , based on the guideline, so as to rule out breast cancer efficiently ASAP.

If the suspicious lumps need to be confirmed, a biopsy is applied to remove cells or tissue from a suspicious area for further pathological study under microscope.


Bionic Breast Examination System (BBES) can be used in the Physical examination center or breast health center affiliated to hospital as a standardized Breast examination equipment.

BBES is intended to produce the size, shape, hardness, mobility of breast lesions with palpation imaging as an aid for doctor to diagnose breast lesions, which offer supplementary information for physician diagnosis.

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