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Overview of BT9S

The Bionic Breast Examination System(BT9S) is a device that utilizes a hand-held probe  incorporated with pressure sensor array to create the pressure maps.

With the help of algorithm incorporated in the device, the lesion size, relative hardness, shape, mobility, consistency, delineation with surrounding tissue can be presented as an aid for doctor to diagnose the lesion.


Two types of BT9S model

BT9S-X1P(with battery) and BT9S-X1S(without battery)

Component and accessory of BBES:

1-Host machine


3-Probe holder

4-Power adapter

5-AC power cord

6-Electronic scale


8-Probe sheath

Intended Use

The Bionic Breast Examination System (BBES) is intended to produce the size, shape, hardness, mobility of breast lesions with palpation imaging as an aid for doctor to diagnose breast lesions.

Product features

  • Effective with women in all population, regardless of  density,ethnicity, ages, pregnant or breastfeeding session,except for infection or open wound within the breast skin

  • Gateway screening test for women at any age without pain or radiation

  • Accuracy of BBES screening is not influenced by breast density itself

  • Medical Device for standardized clinical breast exam, Simulate  process of CBE with probe, Simulate process of physicians diagnosis

  • Minimal training required for the operation of portable device.

  • Painless and radiation free without any side effect.

  • Inherent cost effective

  • More parameter of lump, like size, shape, mobility, consistency, can be provided

  • Quite sensitive in detecting small solid tumors

  • Individual electronic health records and health management with support of consultant online

  • The whole breast inspection is fast

Host machine Dimensions & Weight

Host machine Dimensions:350mm×360mm×66mm

Host machine Weight: 6kg


  • Operating system: Windows 7

  • Display :15“ LED High Definition TFT with touch screen capabilities

  • Data Input:Keyboard/ touch screen/ Touchpad pointing device

  • electrical specification 

  • Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC ; Frequency: 50/60 Hz ; input input Power: 120VA

Sample of typical palpation imaging




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Instruction for use.pdf

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