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Beijing Sino Cambridge MedTech Co., Ltd. an innovative medical device developer, manufacturer and health service provider based on unique Bionic Breast Exam System,  is dedicated to the improvement of quality care for women with breast diseases.

Founded by surgeon in 2007, operated by a team of professionals with expertise in the diverse areas of medicine, biomedical engineering and quality management.

Breast cancer screening and breast health management platform is built based on the work of RD staff with assistance of acadmician work stataion which is composed of 1 academician in bioengineering; 5 medical doctors in Surgery, Oncology, Radiology; 10 researchers of various fields, like public health, statistics, data management, pathology.

Breast cancer is solved efficiently with assistance of AI aided diagnosis as well as breast health management.

Palpation imaging breast cancer screening system and breast health management platform
Based on bionic palpation imaging technology, breast cancer is screened efficiently with assistance of intelligent model for breast disease diagnosis .

Breast health assessment and management, such as securing health records, personalized consultation, proactive patient scheduling, long term follow-up care, is organized in comprehensive cloudbased service platform.

What Sino Cambridge do for breast health can be categorized to three groups:

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