Breast Cancer Prevention Route


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The promising breast cancer prevention route will  be as follows:

The best option for reducing the large and increasing burden of breast cancer is that women should be educated to reduce the exposure to modifiable lifestyle and environmental risk factors.

iTouch?4U Breast Health Management Package

  1. ◎Early Breast cancer detection with BBES

  2. ◎Personalized recommendations for follow-up cancer diagnosis

  3. ◎Medical History Review and cancer risk assessment

  4. ◎Comprehensive breast health report

  5. ◎Consultation on the risks, benefits, and limitations of Genetic Inheritance and Carrier Test

  6. ◎One-on-one consultation

  7. ○Nutraceutical and Exercise Program/Nonsurgical Weight Loss Solutions

  8. ○Mental health

  9. ◎Referral to specialist who can determine the best way to manage the condition.

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