Principle of BBES


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BBES is one kind of  elastography, which is an imaging technique that monitors and measures the mechanical properties of biological tissues.

The basic principle of elastography is to measure the response of a particular mechanical stimulus, while the stimuli can be static, quasistatic, or dynamic.

*Simon, Emmanuel, Measurement of shear wave speed dispersion in the placenta by transient elastography: A preliminary ex vivo study, PLOS ONE , 2018/04/05, 13, DO - 10.1371/journal.pone.0194309

Many novel technical approaches and systems has been proposed and applied in recent years.

The elastography of BBES ,also called Stress imaging or Mechanical imaging,is an emerging branch of medical imaging . Since the application of BBES is the imitation of palpation procedure, it is also called Palpation imaging.

Based on measurement of stress pattern of lesion, tissue displacement is measured by the probe that mimic the procedure of CBE, 

then BBES provides real time imaging of breast lesion and its quantitative characterization, such as size, stiffness, shape, mobility, consistency, delineation with surrounding tissue.

Location of  lesion can be denoted on the torso map so as to facilitate requisite follow-on exams such as ultrasound with or without biopsy.


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