Bionic Breast Examination


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Palpated clearly

Based on tissue elasticity, the probe, incorporated with highly sensitive capacitive pressure sensor array, was pressed up and down over the lesion to mimic the procedure of clinical breast examination.

Each pressure sensor of the probe assess the difference of tissue elasticity by mimicking the tatile receptors(Meissner's corpuscles) in the finger tips

The principle of BBES is based on measurement of stress pattern of lesion. Temporal and spatial changes in the stress pattern provide detection of lesions with different elastic properties which in turn reconstruct the lesion with the structured data like size, shape, stiffness etc.

Diagnosed accurately

One of the first physical exam skills every physician learns is palpation, which is based on the premise that cancers feel harder than surrounding tissue. Using stress imaging, tissue stiffness (or hardness) can be measured and converted into an image.


Based on the measurement of these quantitative characterization, AI is adopted to simulate the process of physician’s diagnosis to differentiate the  malignant/benign, subtype of benign.

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